ProGrade SD Cards Work Great with FX6

The ProGrade Digital SDXC UHS-II V90 Memory Card features a high storage capacity and takes advantage of the UHS-II bus to support maximum read speeds of 300 MB/s and maximum write speeds of 250 MB/s. These cards work great with the Sony FX6. 

Alister Chapman of has been familiar with SanDisk and Lexar cards but came upon the ProGrade V90 64GB SD card when testing different cards with the Sony FX6. Check out some of his thoughts on the card. 

"The card performs very well and has no problems at all with all of the XAVC-I frame rates up to and including 60fps." 


"If you try to use it to record UHD at 100 or 120fps you will get an “unsupported media” warning but the camera will try to record to the card. Most of the time the recording will be OK provided you keep the duration short and don’t try to stop and then restart recording too quickly. Of all the SD cards I have tried this seems to be one of the best."


Check out the full review here

Learn more about ProGrade here


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