ProPresenter is the Must Have Software for Worship Video

Looking for software to make your worship production easier, more interesting and more? Check out this article from an experienced church video producer. We have lots of live production resources and gear for House of Worship. Give us a call and we'll help you with hardware or software for live streaming your services! From DennisWashington.TV

My primary goal with every church congregation I work with is simple: enhance the worship experience.

I want members to walk away from worship feeling like they’ve worshipped God. I want the people who work in the control room to walk in, confident in their abilities to deliver video and audio to the congregation with no mistakes....

...Bottom line: using technology to deliver audio and video to people in worship needs to improve the experience of worshipping God, not distract from it.

To that end, my #1 suggestion to improve the current worship experience in most churches is to use a piece of software called ProPresenter. Made by RenewedVision, ProPresenter is designed for churches, giving you the ability to QUICKLY display song lyrics, slides, Bible verses and more

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