PTZ Camera Integration with Avid Pro Tools Using MIDI from PTZOptics

From PTZOptics Today we are demonstrating how the PTZOptics MIDI Camera Control app integrates with Avid Pro Tools. For this presentation, we step into our Lead Engineers audio recording studio to integrate PTZOptics cameras into his Pro Tools setup using MIDI controls. MIDI is an industry standard for Digital Audio Workstations and the PTZOptics MIDI Camera control application allows producers the ability to synchronize live streaming cameras from within their DAW Software. Learn more at

Pro Tools MIDI Camera Control Setup

The setup for Pro Tools requires some knowledge of MIDI and using MIDI with the PTZOptics MIDI App. The PTZOptics MIDI app needs to receive the MIDI notes coming from Pro Tools where it then translates unique MIDI notes to PTZ camera presets. In this video, we are using LoopBe on a Windows computer. When using MIDI to send notes from one application to another you basically have two different options. You can set up an internal MIDI loop to share MIDI from one program to another on the same computer OR you can send MIDI over your network to another computer on your network. This process is outlined in the PTZOptics blog here - When you are working with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software like Pro Tools, you can integrate many different hard solutions into the time line such as Lights, Cameras and even video switchers. There is a very interesting case study that we just finished from a Church using Ableton with Chauvet DJ lights, Blackmagic Video Switchers, Pro Presentor, TouchOSC (touch screen controller) and PTZOptics cameras outlined in our blog here - It's interesting to note that for many users connecting Pro Tools with MIDI that PTZ cameras are usually done after other integrations such as lights.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

Pro Tools PTZ Cameras and Lights

Once you have setup the output of your Pro Tools track to send MIDI to the PTZOptics MIDI camera control app (or another app) you are ready to setup your timeline with PTZ camera controls. Throughout your musical performance you may want to have cameras focusing on various positions. You can also use cameras during a studio recording session as a confidence monitor to show the talent a multi-view of the entire recording studio. There are many uses of the Pro Tools integration with PTZOptics MIDI camera control software but the main solution is providing music producers an easy way to view, record and stream if desired with easier camera controls.

MIDI Keyboard PTZ Camera Controls

Finally, you have the choice of calling PTZ camera presets with notes inside Pro Tools or directly through a MIDI keyboard setup to call those notes. So if you have a track setup with your MIDI routed correctly, the MIDI keyboard can be setup to call those MIDI notes on command. These MIDI notes each represent a unique PTZ camera position which could be for a drummer, a singer or other locations in a recording studio or live performance stage. The integration with PTZ camera controls and MIDI is really an open ended solution and the folks at PTZOptics are here to listen to your requirements. If you have an additional feature request we would be happy to listen! PTZOptics Live Streaming Camera Manufacturer focused on HD-SDI, USB 3.0, HDMI and IP streaming cameras. Our YouTube channel features live broadcasting tips, tricks and tutorials for live streaming and more.

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