PTZ Camera Integration with Live Switchers | Videoguys News Day 2sDay LIVE Webinar (08-06-19)

Full Webinar

What a great webinar today! Gary was joined by Paul Richard from PTZOptics to chat about PTZ Camera integration to live switchers!

Loads of great information to check out, and even teases of new products! Both Gary and Paul go over many ways to help make live streams better, more professional, cheaper, and easy for anyone!

Paul also has a YouTube channel dedicated to live broadcasting with loads of great tips! Be you a beginner or professional, this is a great resource for you!

Vidoguys has an assortment of PTZ Cameras from PTZOptics, all to fit specific needs! Be it the 12X, 20X, 30X, SDI, NDI, HDMI!

Watch the full webinar here!

Learn more about PTZOptics and their PTZ Cameras here!

Watch Paul's video on the V1-HD & V-1SDI Video Switchers here!

Check out the video on the Wirecast Gear Camera Integration here!

Paul's video on the Epiphan Pearl Mini & PTZ Camera Setup is here!

See more about IP Camera Control with the NewTek Tricaster here!

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