PTZ Cameras for Live Video Productions Videoguys NewsDay 2sDay Live Webinar

Our Videoguys NewsDay 2sDay live webinar this week is on PTZ Cameras for Live Video Productions. PTZ cameras are a handy thing to incorporate into your production. It eases the needs of manpower therefore keeping total costs down for your show. There are various attachments and tools to enhance the productivity you can gain from your PTZ cameras but their flexibility and ease of use are their two biggest advantages. With products from NewTek and PTZOptics figuring out a PTZ Camera workflow is simple. Add the integration of NDI technology experience excellent connectivity easily. Stay tuned every Tuesday at 2pm for more insights into the parts and products to best enhance your production. If you miss them anytime or just want to catch up head over to our Videoguys NewsDay 2sDay Weekly Web Series live webinar playlist.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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