PTZ Cameras & NDI The Perfect Technology Pair NDI November

This week's NDI November webinar is all about NDI and PTZ Cameras.  We discuss the advantages of PTZ Cameras, where they can be used, and some tech knowledge you'll need to carry out a great production with these cameras.  We also walk through all of the PTZ Cameras we carry at Videoguys, and show you which one is the right camera for you!

Check out the webinar, below:  


Why Should I Consider a PTZ Camera?

PTZ Cameras are a forefront technology that takes advantage of NDI.  This technology pairing means more camera angles without adding camera operators, and limiting the cameras to only one angle.  NDI technology allows cameras to be controlled, send a picture, and receive power, all over a single ethernet cable.

PTZ Cameras are:

  • Easy to set-up and use
  • No additional personnel required
  • Mount it Anywhere in the Room!

NDI and PTZ means you can Easily Multiply Cameras without Adding Operators

  • Cameras can be controlled by volunteers or professionals at any level of experience
  • Multiple cameras can be controlled by one single operator
  • Presets simplify operation by programming movements to one button

PTZ Cameras can be controlled via these Methods:

  1. NDI Studio Monitor and Other Control Softwares
  2. NDI Smartphone and Tablet Control Apps
  3. NDI PTZ Camera Controllers

NDI and High Zoom Capabilities like 30x Means you can have the Cameras Further Away from the Control Center

With control, power and transmission happening over a single cable, and expanded zoom capabilities, you no longer need an operator to stand behind your camera.

NDI Allows One Cable to Rule Them All

Use one single Cat6 Ethernet cable to provide:

  • Video transmission
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Camera control
  • Tally
  • Comms

Understanding PoE 

PoE is a technology that lets network cables carry electrical power

PoE: Power over Ethernet 

  • PoE 15.4 Watts 
  • PoE+ 30 Watts 
  • PoE++ (Ultra) 60 -100 Watts depending on version (Type 3 and Type 4)

Note: Make sure your switch has enough total capacity to support 
all your PoE devices

Videoguys Tech Tip: Make sure your switch has enough power for all of your devices

  • Different switches are better suited for different sized productions
  • Make sure your switch matches your PoE requirement
  • Videoguys Tech Tip: Get the Right Switch​

    Videoguys Recommends a Netgear M-4250 Switch.

    M4250 10G2F PoE+ AV Switch​​ with 125W Power​

    • 8x1G PoE+
    • TPD 125W
    • 2x1G
    • 2xSFP
    • $499.99

    M4250-10G2XF​ PoE+ AV Switch​​ with 240W Power​

    • 8x1G PoE+
    • TPD 240W 
    • 2x1G 
    • 2xSFP+
    • $799.99

    M4250 10G2XF PoE++ AV Switch​​ with 720W Power​

    • 8x1G Ultra90 PoE++ 802.3bt
    • TPD 720W 
    • 2x1G 
    • 2xSFP+
    • $999.99

    There's a PTZ Camera​ For Every Need and Every Budget

    BirdDog: One of the Most Versatile PTZ Camera Lines with NDI:

    NDI HD Cameras including the​ P100 with 10x Zoom​ and the P200 with 30x zoom and Sony Backlit sensor & image module 

    NDI 4K Cameras including the​ P400 with 20x Zoom​ and the P4K with a Sony 1" Sensor and 12x Optical Zoom

    All Weather​ NDI HD Cameras A200 & A300 let you capture your content anywhere

    Learn more about BirdDog HERE.

    BirdDog Case Studies:

    Check out this case study of the BirdDog Eyes P200 in Action at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center.

    Check out this case study of the BirdDog Eyes A200 in action streaming an outdoor competitive swimming event for Amazon Prime.

    Videoguys Tech Tip: Color Match Cameras

    Mix and Match Requires Color Balancing

    • This will avoid a jarring effect when switching between each camera
    • BirdDog and PTZOptics offer excellent software and UI options for color matching and color balancing

    Panasonic Pro PTZ Cameras

    Panasonic creates a wide range of Professional Level NDI|HX, with Silent and Fluid Motion.  Non NDI Panasonic Cameras can be upgraded to include NDI as well, with the NDI|HX Upgrade available for Panasonic cameras at $299.

    ​Check out this Demonstration video from Panasonic using NDI with the AW-UE100, and showing just how easy it is to use NDI with these cameras.

     Learn more about Panasonic HERE.

    PTZOptics PTZ Cameras 

    Affordable NDI|HX Cameras​

    These cameras are:

    • NDI|HX
    • Available in 12x, 20x, 30x
    • PoE
    • 1080p

    PTZOptics NDI Cameras are available in three flavors:

    PTZOptics SDI cameras can also be upgraded to NDI with the PTZOptics NDI License Upgrade, at $399.

    Learn more about PTZOptics HERE.

    More Videoguys'​ NDI Tech Tips

    • Get the right cam for the right shot
    • Longer zoom for back of room
    • Smoother motion for moving subjects
    • Lighting still matters
    • 4K is future proof!

    NewTek PTZ Cameras

    NewTek PTZ Cameras are perfect for your TriCaster Workflow, or in your NewTek NDI video ecosystem. 

    NewTek PTZ2:

    A 1080p NDI PTZ Camera that's perfect for your TriCaster Workflow.

    • NDI|HX
    • 20x Zoom
    • PoE+
    • 1080p
    • $2,195

    NewTek PTZUHD:

    All the features of the NewTek PTZ2 with a 4K UHD Picture

    • NDI|HX
    • 30x Zoom
    • PoE+
    • 4K
    • $3,995 

    Learn more about NewTek HERE.​

    Grass Valley:

    This is a higher end PTZ camera for sophisticated productions with Grass Valley switchers.​

    Grass Valley Broadcast 4K 35x PTZ:

    • 4K NDI|HX
    • 35x Optical Zoom and 2x Digital Zoom
    • PoE+
    • $2,499

    Learn more about Grass Valley HERE.


    RGBlink has also introduced a low end and affordable NDI PTZ camera that pairs great with their switchers, or as an entry level for those just looking to get started with PTZ Cameras. 

    RGBlink NDI|HX PTZ Camera:

    • NDI|HX
    • 20x Optical Zoom and 10x Digital Zoom
    • PoE
    • 1080p 
    • $1,399

    Learn more about RGBlink HERE.

    Videoguys Tech Tip: Use an IP Controller

    Get a controller for a workflow with more than 3 cameras​

    We carry a wide array of PTZ Camera controllers, fit for many different kinds of workflows.  Two we commonly recommend are the PTZOptics SuperJoy or the BirdDog PTZ Controller

    Check out our recent webinar rounding up all the options we offer for PTZ Camera Controllers:

    We also offer some great options for IP Controllers from Panasonic and PTZOptics that work well in any NDI Video Environment. 

    Learn more about PTZ Controllers HERE.

    NDI November:

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    Learn more about PTZ Cameras HERE.

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