PTZOptics NDI PTZ Cameras Videoguys Product Spotlight

We have a new Videoguys Product Spotlight video this week and it is on one of our favorite products! The PTZOptics NDI PTZ Cameras have already started helping live streamers produce next-level productions and we knew one of our Product Spotlight videos on it. PTZOptics is a leader in these easy-to-setup and use cameras and now using the power of NDI right out of the box makes them even better. PTZ cameras not only make it possible for new to novice-level users to have a professional looking show, but for those experienced and professional producers, these cameras can add various angles to your production that other cameras might not be able to reach. With various mounting options available these cameras can be put virtually anywhere. And now with the power of NDI and PoE, one ethernet connection to the camera itself will power it and send your video wirelessly to your NDI-capable switcher or live production system. Just another way PTZOptics is leading the way forward with PTZ cameras.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

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