Rayden and Lyra Lines: New Light Kits from iKan

From ProVideoCoalition ikan-new-light-kitsIf you need lighting for our sets, explore the new light kits from Ikan, which offer more options and an almost infinite number of combinations, with the addition of the new products extending the current 2-point and 3-point lighting kits. According to Ikan, “the combo lighting kit offers you more versatility because you can mix and match lights from the same line. For example, you could use a combination of Lyra lights such as a 1×1 for the key light, a ½ by 1 for the fill light, and a ½ by 1 for the backlight. You could also get something like the Rayden Daylight 5-point lighting combo kit and get 3 RW10s and 2 RW5s. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish and what your shooting conditions are, the combination light kit can help you customize which lights to use. The maximum amount of lights you can get in a combo lighting kit is 5 while the minimum is 3 lights...” [continue reading]

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