Real life editing experiences with a MacBook Air and Final Cut Pro X by Tracy Evans

As a follow up to our rather controversial article on FCPX on a MacBook Air, we thought we would do a roundup of readers' real life editing experiences on the combination.

The article that we published on the rendering problem with FCPX running on a MacBook Air certainly stirred up quite a bit of feeling in the community. It was interesting as the mail we received was split down the middle. Half criticised us for bashing the MBA and the other half praised us for not being 'complete Apple fanbois.' (Not our words or spelling we hasten to add!)

So we decided to contact everybody who had posted a comment or had emailed in saying they were editing on a MBA and asked them to share their thoughts and experiences.

First up is Tracy Evans from Tracy Evans Productions based in Houston, Texas.

I had been editing for several years on a Mac Pro. Last summer I started a Motion project on my MacBook Air and found it quite capable. Checking some benchmark results online, I was surprised to see that my "little 11” exceeded the performance of my Pro in several categories. read more...

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