Recommended Laptops for HD & 4K Video Editing

HP_ZBook_15-G2_15.6Vlady over at 4K shooters has done a great job looking at the features and specs of six powerful laptops, all suitable for HD and even 4K video editing. Videoguys top laptop recommendations are still the Macbook Pro with Retina Display or HP zBook. After reading this great article we are going to give a much closer look at the Dell XPS, MSI Dominator Pro G, Asus Zenbook and Toshiba Satellite. They are all good choices.
4K Shooters by Vlady Radev If you are in the market for a new editing laptop there are certain specifications that you have to consider before you make your purchase decision. Some time ago, we’ve covered how an entry-level mid-2015 Macbook handles editing and rendering of 4K footage. Yet, if you are planning to utilise your laptop for more system-intensive tasks and more serious professional work such as colour grading, multi-cam editing, compositing or VFX then you definitely will need more computing power under the hood. As a rule of thumb, don’t make your decision based only on certain hardware specifications. You should consider your specific daily post-production workflow to determine what type of configuration will be most suitable for you instead. For instance, if you work mainly with applications such as Adobe After Effects, picking a laptop with the biggest capacity hard drive probably won’t do the job if it has only 8GB of RAM or a modest GPU. On the other hand, if you are planning to predominantly utilise your notebook for online editing then you should definitely find a machine that has enough and fast external connection ports for your RAID hard drive arrays etc. Here is a list of six different notebooks that should give you some insights what type of laptop you should be looking for based on your personal workflow requirements and demands. read more...
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