Red Giant releases Magic Bullet Suite 12.1

When it comes to plug-ins Red Giant Magic Bullet is one of my favorites and when it comes to suites, Magic Bullet Suite is one of thebest values around. It is loaded with color processing, correcting and grading tools. Witht eh 12.1 release they are adding some really cool new features including Divinci Resolve support, Mercury Playback in Premiere Pro and more. Prolost by Stu Maschwitz

Magic Bullet Suite 12.1: Resolve, Mercury, Trackpad

Today Red Giant released a free update to Magic Bullet Suite 12 that almost got me in trouble. The CEO of Red Giant called me and asked why we were giving so much awesome stuff away in a free update. I’m not kidding. The only answer I could come up with is that I just couldn’t wait to start using it all. Magic Bullet in Resolve Boom! Magic Bullet Looks, Mojo, Cosmo, and Film all now work inside DaVinci Resolve. Resolve is a lovely color corrector, but Magic Bullet Looks does so much more than just color, with its diffusion filters, vignettes, flares, haze, chromatic aberrations, local contrast, lens distortions, and over 200 modern, badass Looks just a click away. Mercury Playback for Colorista We completely re-wrote the color engine of Magic Bullet Colorista III to be Mercury-playback native in Premiere Pro. Now when you apply Colorista to a clip, there’s no red bar — and you can apply many layers of Colorista and still enjoy real-time playback with no rendering. This, without a doubt, is my favorite new feature in Magic Bullet Suite 12.1. read more...

Magic Bullet Suite 12.1 – a free update to Magic Bullet Suite 12. This is a significant update that includes new features, tools, presets, and new host-application support. Speaking of which:


In addition to host-applications like Premiere Pro, After Effects, FCPX and more, four of the tools in Magic Bullet Suite now support DaVinci Resolve:

  • Magic Bullet Looks
  • Magic Bullet Film
  • Magic Bullet Cosmo
  • Magic Bullet Mojo


Here’s what’s new in the latest version of Magic Bullet Looks (3.1)

  • Trackpad Mode – a more fluid and intuitive way of using Looks with a control surface you already own (Watch Video)
  • Updated LUT tool with new LUTs and Looks (Watch Video)
  • DaVinci Resolve Support


Here’s what’s new in the latest version of Colorista III (1.1):

  • OpenCL and Cuda support – Mercury Playback in Premiere Pro, which means realtime color correction, while you play back your video.
  • Skin Overlay – We’ve brought back a tool that makes it easy to check your skin tones.
  • Keyer “Cut Out” mode – which uses the Colorista Keyer to create layer transparency, for more powerful, layered color corrections. (Watch Video)


  • DaVinci Resolve Support has been added for these 3 tools (as well as Magic Bullet Look).


  • You can get the updates HERE (from the latest Suites and Universe product installers) or use Red Giant Link to update.

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