RED Komodo 6K Orange Impressions

One of the most talked about upcoming products in the cinematography and production world this year has been the RED Komodo 6K. And it's finally on the way.

REDs cameras are a huge part of the industry, and truly top of the line tools for cinematographers and filmmakers, so a development from RED is always worth following and discussing. 

Some users have been fortunate enough to get a look at the first early orange models of the Komodo earlier this year in late Spring.  This includes the folks over at, who have released a great review covering some features of the Komodo that they saw in their hands on experience.  

The article notates that the RED Komodo is a 6K 40fps digital cinema camera that weighs less that 2Ibs.  It's also got a 6K 17:9 aspect ratio, with high dynamic range and a global shutter sensor.  This is a decently new concept in cinema applications.  

One of the most exciting features notated in the review is the Komodo's sensor.  

"Not to get too technical, but Komodo’s sensor is a new design and with that comes a new Color Science Filter which also is designed for a very pleasing Highlight Roll- Off and natural color response. It also removes some optical artifacts well known to filmmakers when shooting at deeper apertures with bright sources. This is an achievement and opens up some wonderful creative possibilities."


Check out the full article from HERE.

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