RED KOMODO 6K: Tantalizing New Details Emerge

The cinema community has been abuzz with rumors concerning the latest from RED Digital Cinema- the RED Komodo 6K. Filmmakers and creators of high quality film/video have been speculating on the new gear.

The Komodo 6K is expected to ship sometime in early 2020, at a price point in the $5,000-$6,000 range. Simply put, this is the highest anticipated cinema camera of the year- already.

“You don’t need to fear the crop factor like you did with Raven or (black magic 6k or the Z2 6k ) and the other ‘smaller’ s35 sensors… Komodo has a whole new pixel remember and the physical sensor is much wider than all of those, 27.03mm x 14.25mm. So if you do need to crop to get to where you need to go, you are starting with much more width to get there which will be kinder to your optics.”


“What you get with Komodo 6K is as Super 35mm Plus format size (wider) that is slightly larger than Dragon/Monstro at 5K FF format/resolution, slightly smaller than both of those in 5.5K FF. Interesting stuff. When I was filming mainly on Dragon 6K (all the stuff I shot for Absolut, BMW, Sharp, etc) I was using 5.5K FF as the main format as the general image circle for S35 lenses was/is designed around the typical spec for S35 4-perf. Komodo kinda lives in there. So glass-wise, you can use whatever you want on it when it comes to larger format coverage, but S35-wise and APS-C or whatever you can put some really small glass on there.​”

Phil Holland, Cinematographer

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