RED Komodo Top 10 Things I Love, Hands on Review

The Red Komodo is one of the hottest new products in the cinema camera space, as a small form factor cinema camera, at Red's most affordable price point yet.

For those working in the cinema production space, it's important to be aware and up to date on the latest and greatest technology the industry has to offer.  Although, it is worth noting that does not sell RED cameras.  

Now that the Komodo is available, some cinematographers and pro cinema shooters have released their thoughts and reviews.

Check out this video from Joe Elementz, covering the Komodo 6K after working with it on several projects.


I have been fortunate to have acquired this camera Red Komodo 6k in the last seven weeks and used it on eight projects. In this video I will review the camera on my personal usage, talking about things you should be aware of before purchasing one for yourself if you are looking at it.

-Joe Elementz

Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

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