RedShark Jumps on the NewTek NDI Bandwagon

NDIOne of our favorite video tech blogs is RedShark. These guys really get technology and they offer some very keen insights. What impressed RedShark the most about NewTek NDI (Network Device Interface)? "What we find encouraging about NewTek NDI is that, because it's an open protocol, with freely available SDKs (the information and software that other manufacturers need to incorporate it in their products), there are no barriers to it being widely adopted." We could not agree more!
RedShark by David Shapton

NewTek wants to change the way we connect cameras

At a local level, networks have also transformed video and film production. Larger facilities store their media on storage area networks and can share content amongst editors and finishers - speeding up the process and making it more economical. But this revolution hasn't yet reached live production, where real-time, unidirectional SDI still rules. Now, it's one thing to send an email over a network, but quite another to deliver high quality HD or 4K video over standard IT cabling, routers and other commodity infrastructure. But it's starting to happen. In fact, several major players in the broadcast and live production industries are spending so much money and time on IP infrastructures that it's obvious they see it as the future. Of all these companies, NewTek, who know more than a bit about live production, has announced today a new and seemingly very ambitious new network protocol. Does it matter? We think so, because it's an open protocol that has - behind the scenes - already been adopted by a significant roster of industry names. read more...

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