REMI Production: The New Production Workflow Model

On Today's Videoguys Live, we are kicking off our 3-day eduStreamTV event. Gary is joined by Chuck from LiveU to discuss REMI workflows and how LiveU products can be used in schools.

Watch the full webinar below:

LiveU in Education
Professional live streaming solutions for broadcast journalism programs, student events, fundraising, and entertainment activities - home or away, stream sports teams events, and activities for year-round engagement. 

Shaping the Future of Live Video
Expand your viewership and grow your business through compelling live experiences.​ LiveU is the leader in live streaming and remote production solutions, powering video production workflows with cloud-based, end-to-end solutions for news, sports and other verticals.

Proven Experts in Live Video Solutions
Founded in 2006, we are the worldwide leader in live IP video technology, delivering end-to-end contribution, production and distribution solutions.

A Complete Cloud Workflow Using LiveU Solutions and the Studio

What is REMI?

  • REMI or Remote Integration Model
  • In school and/or at home production
  • Remote Production Model
  • REMI allows live content to be streamed from a remote location anywhere in the world, and uses your existing studio control room to do the switching, graphics, audio, replay etc. All of the things you would normally do if you had rolled a production truck on site. 

Cost Savings


Portable Solutions: Overview


Remote Production Workflow: Multiple LU800s

  • Stack multiple LU800 units for more than 4 camera feeds
  • Live video transmitted back to station over LRT
  • Cover more action around an event or game
  • Using LiveU Precision Timing™ for complete wireless sync 

Enrich Your Productions with All-in-One Cloud Video Mixer

  • Multi-ingest protocols
  • Custom branding
  • Remote guests
  • Automatic templates
  • Audio mixer
  • Clipping / recording
  • Multi-stream
  • Professional features

Rich Set of Remote Production Tools

  • Get teleprompter or studio feed: High-quality, low latency Video Return feed over the LU800 7” screen or an external display using full size HDMI connector
  • Easy station-field communication: Two intercom channels for the camera operator and the talent
  • Know instantly when you're live on air: Red/green Tally Light indication based on the studio’s production mixer

Benefits of REMI

  • Produce multi-camera live events from a centralized studio/OB van instead of dedicated on-site production and satellite trucks
  • Save up to 70% off your production costs 
  • Reducing costs by not needing expensive SAT/fiber connections
  • Optimizing resource allocation by covering more matches/events​
  • Ensure the highest quality with multiple high-res synced feeds with extremely low delay

One Touch Shoot, Stream, and Publish Solution


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