Remote Workflows are Driving Post-Production

With the world slowly transitioning back to normal since the pandemic, remote work seems to be staying, especially in the production field. Companies like Levity Live, who work with shows on Food Network and HGTV had to worry about post-production once the pandemic hit, but fortunately the company was prepared. With technology, such as hard drives, Levity Live was able to have their employees work remotely to get the post-production done. 


Production companies like All3Media America was planning for the lock down. They worked with their vendors and producers to discuss the best way to keep the workflow. James Voda , VP of post production was able to get the data stored on hard drives and have his team ready to edit remotely. Voda is using open broadcaster software to stream a video feed from AVID directly into videoconferencing apps like Webex Teams. This helps bring the team together and collaborate on their work as they would if they were sitting right next to each other. 

Remote work has proved to be effective and open up career possibilities to people all around the globe. 

"There was a fear that activity would drop, but it’s been quite the opposite. The pandemic has proved that post work can be done anywhere in the world and has provided more opportunity for that to happen. We can have editors anywhere. This has really opened that up.”

James Voda

John Bravakis, the executive VP and chief operating officer at Triage Entertainment, a production company owned by Levity Live, also planned early prior to the lock down. He sees the technology that is available to help remote work getting easier and faster to use. According to Bravakis, emerging technologies that focus on speed, accessibility, remote team viewing, and security are going to help keep remote work more permanent.


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