Little Frog in High Def By Shane Ross

MC3 shift rightFinally, my Avid review.

This has been a long time coming. Last year at NAB Avid invited me to look at the new version of Media Composer, 3.0|. I got to see all the new features like mixed format editing, the great new time code burn window, faster response time on the timeline, additional native formats like P2 and AVCIntra, added support for Vista and Leopard, new hardware (MojoDX and NitrisDX)...the whole gambit. I was quite impressed.

BUT, I am not "the media" in a blogger sense. I don't like to just announce things, when I can help it (I still do, when they are things I think are really cool!). I like to report on the stuff I experience. Plus there were plenty of other blogs out there announcing the new Avid Media Composer features (EditBlog, Splice Here. I didn't want to be yet another blog that said "Hey, Avid has come out with a new product" and list of the same stuff that people have already seen 8 times. read more...

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