Review: Bella Professional Series 3.0 Keyboard

Event DV by Todd Gillespie
With a unique and comprehensive feature set unparalleled in the video marketplace—including NLE-specific icon-coded keys, the nimblest jog/shuttle control available, and easily accessed international symbols—the Bella Pro Series Keyboard 3.0 will reward your investment with time savings and editing efficiency. Most people don't think much about the keyboard that they use. It has 26 letters—check. It has "enter," "delete," and "escape"—check. It connects via USB or PS/2—check. But don't be fooled into thinking that all keyboards are created equal. They are as different as those of us who use them. I had the good fortune of finding this out first-hand in late November when I received a Professional Series keyboard from Bella Corporation. Bella has been providing keyboards that are expressly engineered for NLE systems for more than 10 years. The latest generation has just come to market with some true breakthrough features. read more...

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