Review of the Editors Keys Illuminated Final Cut Pro X Keyboard

Peter Wiggins from tested out a backlit illuminated FCPX keyboard on his latest job. Check out this great review on the FCPX keyboard!

Testing the Editors Keys Illuminated Final Cut Pro X Keyboard

Editors Keys very kindly lent the site a backlit illuminated FCPX keyboard to try out. So why not take it out on a real job and use it under pressure? What was the verdict? I've been using a standard low profile Final Cut Pro X keyboard from Editors Keys for a while now. (Purchased) In fact it gets so much use, the E, C, A, S and nudge right keys have quite a bit of wear on them. Not too sure what that means about my editing skills, but interesting to know which keys get the most battering.editors_keys_illumiated_fcpx_keyboard_banner So when Editors Keys asked me if I'd like to borrow one of their new illuminated FCPX keyboards I said 'of course.' Especially as I was working on a job in the next few days where I knew I'd be in a dark OB environment. The illuminated keyboard was made possible by a Kickstarter campaign that was oversubscribed by 100%. The model tested is priced at £99 on the Editors Keys website. Once I got over how impressive and sturdy the box was, out came the new black keyboard. Nice to see that they have added labels for every FCPX function on the extended or right area. This gives you labels for keyword tags, timecode and the go to functions. These were missing on the previous model. The keyboard also comes with a long 6 foot USB cable which makes plugging it in to a computer under a desk or behind monitors easy. It is made entirely of plastic, not like the aluminium slab of previous keyboards. They seem to weigh about the same. Although I can twist the new model slightly, it is more than robust enough. And then the big moment. Plug it in! It works as expected, however there are instructions included to run an Editors Keys app that I never really got around to. So how does it perform? [Continue Reading...]

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