RGBlink Black Friday Specials

RGBlink Black Friday Specials
Now through December 31st, 2022

Save $50!
  • 20x Optical Zoom
  • 3G-SDI, HDMI, USB Outputs
  • Full 1920×1080p HD resolutions up to 60 frames per second
  • Low-Latency SRT Upload to Cloud
  • High performance in low light scenarios with Wide Dynamic Range
  • H.265/H.264 dual stream output adapted to different network environments
  • Pan and Tilt Control
$749.00 reg.
$699.00 SPECIAL
Now through 12/31/22

Save $200!
RGBlink mini-pro

The dual channel video switcher mixer for the streaming generation, mini-pro features four resolution independent inputs – up to full 4K60 to take advantage of native high-performance sources, whether cameras or laptops, without compromise. While presets for PIP and PBP are provided, mini-pro includes full pixel-to-pixel scaling capabilities for both the PIP and background video layers – truly unique in a streaming mixer of this size – features usually found only on larger professional video mixers.

$499.00 reg.
$299.00 SPECIAL
Now through 12/31/22

Save $250!
  • RGBlink PTZ VUE 20x PTZ Camera
  • RGBlink mini-pro video switcher
  • RGBlink mini-pro carrying case
$1,249.00 reg.
$999.00 SPECIAL
Now through 12/31/22

  • 4K UVC camera to HDMI conversion
  • Webcam signal transcoding
  • Low Power consumption
  • Power from standard USB-C PD PSU's
  • Support for USB Bluetooth controls

  • 5.5-inch touchscreen operation
  • Network HD streaming
  • Seamless switcher
  • 2*UVC inputs,2*HDMI 1.3 input and 1* HDMI 2.0 output
  • NDI 5.0 encoder
  • Recording via USB 2.0 port, mobile hard disk stores up to 2T
  • Multistream up to 4 Live Streaming platforms simultaneously

Save $400!
  • 20x high speed optical zoom
  • HDMI & SDI outputs
  • 1920x1080p Full HD resolution up to 60fps
  • NDI Support on board
  • High performance in low light with Wide Dynamic Range
  • White Balance control
$1,399.00 reg.
$999.00 SPECIAL
Now through 12/31/22

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