A Roadmap to Adobe Creative Cloud Changes

Virtual reality and VR editing are truly the big trends at NAB and Adobe has entered the picture taking the creative possibilities even farther...

Adobe CC roadmap – reading between the lines

RedSharkNews by Ned Soltz Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams at Videoguys Here's another take on Adobe's recent pre-NAB announcement, which digs into the upcoming changes in Creative Cloud and what may have influenced them. Our North American Editor Patrick Jong Taylor has highlighted for us Adobe's announcement for the next round of CC upgrades scheduled to arrive this summer. He so correctly hits upon Adobe's venture into VR editing. NAB 2016 will unquestionably be the point where virtual reality transitions from a purely gaming or techno-geek experience into a whole new medium of storytelling. Adobe clearly moves to the head of the pack in giving editors the tools actually to edit and deliver VR content. But the announcements say a few other things about CC's direction.

The influence of FCP X and Resolve

Clearly Adobe Premiere CC has far broader adoption in the broadcast and cinema worlds than Apple's Final Cut Pro X. But Adobe is quietly slipping in some features that were in FCP X virtually from the beginning. Editing during ingest and native/proxy workflows? That surely sounds like a borrowing from a feature that FCP X editors regularly rely upon...[continue reading]

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