Rocket-Fueled Live Streaming with LiveU Solo

Science and technology comes alive with the Twitch channel Kerbal Space Academy. Read how DasValdez takes viewers to places they've never been before like remote rocket launch sites or exclusive behind the scenes interviews with engineers and astronauts at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station using the LiveU Solo.


Twitch Live Streamer DasValdez produces “Kerbal Space Academy,” an educational show that uses video games to excite, entertain, and educate viewers of all ages about science and technology. The show started out primarily being streamed from a fixed studio location and featured special phone and in-person guests including astronauts, engineers, and scientists. Das

Das realized that to really engage viewers, he needed to produce outdoor live streaming content. He started producing live remote shows in 2015, his first being from the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in NYC. “We produced a live rocket launch demonstration with guest interviews using the Kerbal Space Program game which were both shown to museum guests and streamed on Twitch. The remote proved to be tricky since we had to literally bring our entire studio and computers to NYC to run the show,” Das noted. “We were stuck in one spot in the museum, and had no real capability to move around beyond a home brew consumer-grade HDMI transmitter that gave us a few yards of wireless camera capability.”

Since then, Das and his crew experimented with various homemade mobile streaming solutions - everything from a fixed base station with a short range wireless camera, a tripod mounted laptop, cell phone-only streams, and the dreaded “well, we're here but we can't get signal so record locally and upload later.” Knowing there had to be a better way for stable remote connectivity, Das turned to LiveU partner, Twitch.

“Twitch loaned me an LiveU LU600 transmission unit for the SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch in February, and I've been a LiveU believer since.” Wanting to get even more mobile, Das looked for a solution that allowed him to fit all his equipment into one small backpack so he turned to the LiveU Soloportable live streaming encoder. “I have a Solo now and it has changed my ability to provide live video content from challenging more

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