ROI REVIEW: Sony Vegas Pro 9

Studio Monthly by Charlie White

A darker UI, new shortcuts and 64-bit power
There's a fresh update to Sony Vegas Pro now available, and this ninth version of the esteemed editing software is better than ever. Refinements, most subtle but one not, are evident in the user interface, and you'll find new niceties on the editing timeline as well. Under the hood, there's even more compatibility with file formats and devices, and further evolutionary enhancements all around. It's a worthy upgrade for some users, but if you're looking for revolutionary changes, you won't find them here.

The most obvious change is Vegas's new darker look. The overall feel of the interface now involves an ominous-looking gray that's designed to focus attention on the media without distraction. There are pleasingly dapper white borders around the drop-down menus to keep things pretty, along with welcome design upgrades to the effects controls. Overall, it's an appealing, updated look. My only complaint is that this new darker shade is set in stone—it's either the gray way or the highway for you, with no way to adjust the background shade. read more...

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