Roland VR-4HD User Story Online Video Platform BrandLive

BrandLive is a live streaming platform which allows brands and retailers to interact with their audiences in the form of training and direct messaging. BrandLive's Live streaming workflow depends on Roland VR-4HD.

Check out this video outlining the VR-4HD

Ethan Burke is the director of photography at BrandLive. He relies on the Roland VR-4HD to mix and stream their broadcast every week at a high quality, that represents the brand well.

“We’re using the Roland VR-4HD for our live productions. This product has been great for us. One of the features that I love is just being able to bring all of our camera sources into this unit via HDMI, monitor our shots on the multi-viewer, and be able to live-switch between them, and then being able to send out the live switched feed via USB3 directly into a laptop for encoding and broadcast. Having the integrated audio mixer with the Roland just simplifies our workflow overall. At Brandlive, our customers expect a seamless and professional experience, and the Roland VR-4HD is a production tool that helps us deliver on that promise.”

Ethan Burke

Check out the full case study from Roland, HERE.

Learn more about Roland HERE.

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