Roland VR-50HD All-in-one Switcher Simplifies Production

Streaming Media

Live Production, Streaming, and Recording Anywhere

Until now, achieving a high-definition A/V studio with live streaming required a large amount of equipment. Typical live productions require an audio mixer to mix the audio inputs from various sources like cameras, video players, and microphones.

Then you need a video mixer to mix various video and computer sources of various formats with different analog and digital connector types. To view your video sources you would typical use a preview monitor with multiview or a single source monitor with a select switch to view the video sources. To archive and capture the event you would want some sort of recording device, deck, or Blu-ray burner. And, last but not least, some sort of encoding device to prepare the audio and video content for streaming to your CDN (Content Delivery Network)

While all this equipment is available now to produce, record, and stream live events today, it takes time to set up, and it takes technical knowledge to make sure that all of these independent parts work together. Furthermore, it requires at least two operators to mix, control, and produce using this equipment.

The Roland VR-50HD is an all-in-one A/V mixer with output for web streaming and recording. It fully integrates an audio mixer, video switcher, multi-viewer touchscreen, and USB video/audio streaming into a standalone device controllable by a single operator.

The VR-50HD unique design results in a reduction in hardware equipment, setup time, and connection complexity, ensuring a worry-free, easy-to-use solution for any event. read more...

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