SAMSUNG 360 ROUND Review: It’s A Brave New World

Below is a review from about the Samsung 360 Round. The 360 round is water proof and dust proof so you can shoot video in any conditions. When the 360 round is connected to WIFI you can monitor what you are recording in real time from the app. Livestream through YouTube or with just a click. If you want to find out what they thought of the 360 round check out this article below.


When Samsung approached me to take a technical long look at the Samsung 360 Round, my first reaction was ok sure, why not? It's just another camera, right? I will just say it here right now — I was so wrong! The Samsung 360 Round isn’t just an amazing camera, it's 17 amazing cameras in a very futuristic housing along with some advanced technologies that have redefined the 360 world. The level of attention to details by Samsung for the 360 Round is off the charts and something I can really appreciate.

From pre-production to final distribution, producing in 360 is a different animal. To really grasp this technology, you need to put aside your preconceived notions about production. I know that may seem like a bold statement but you will thank me after.

Josh Dixon, Senior Product Manager, VR and the guru on all things in the Samsung Round 360 universe, demonstrated all of the cool things this camera can do. Josh and the entire Samsung team was really focused on explaining, then demonstrating in detail what I can only describe as the holistic process of working in the entire 360 more

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