Sandy Reviews New TriCasters and Features TriCaster 410 460 860 8000v2

Sandy Audio Visual

On Wednesday night September 4, 2013 NewTek announced a slew of new products and new product functionality today on a special edition of This Week in Tech (TWiT). I’m going to dive right into the list:

  • Holographic Virtual Sets
  • Animated Frame Buffers
  • MIDI support
  • Macros
  • Hotspot Triggers
  • Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) control
  • Social media publishing
  • IP Playback
  • Enhanced streaming publishing
  • Enhanced audio with new stereo pairs, panning, and user variable audio delay

Let’s VERY briefly go through the new features.

Holographic Virtual Sets

These are new virtual sets that let you use panoramic picture as your backdrop. You can overlay or “green screen” yourself onto this picture in real time and view the picture from any angle. If you’ve used Google’s mapview, or remember Quicktime VR from Apple, you will readily know what’s going on here. It might seem like something hard to do, but if you’ve ever used the panoramic picture feature on your smart phone or digital camera, you already know how to make a holographic virtual set. Once you copy the picture to the TriCaster, it only takes a few minutes of processing to turn it into a background for your next video production.

Animated Frame Buffers

This much-anticipated feature has now made it’s way into the TriCaster line. Instead of having to use a DDR to create an animated lower third or bug or any other motion graphic overlay, you now have the ability to call up a slew of animated graphics from a palette of presets you can preload. This feature will undoubtedly enhancing the visual richness of TriCaster productions by adding additional layers of graphical content to a live production. read more...

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