ScriptSync and PhraseFind are Avid’s Hidden Gems

ScriptSync, PhraseFind and Symphony color correction are all part of the Avid Ultimate Subscription!

Avid’s Media Composer hands a tremendous amount of power and flexibility to the user. With the most cutting edge tools available, Media Composer is full of hidden gems, such as PhraseFind and ScriptSync.

Avid's script based editing and integration builds a lined script into Media Composer's interface.  This feature is most often referred to as ScriptSync.  Script bins are part of the core Media Composer System, and are a key to many editors workflow. 

PhraseFind is another hidden gem, allowing editors to "find the needle in the haystack".  This tool allows editors to jump right to a phrase with a phonetic search tool.  This allows users to navigate long footage with ease, hopping to specific points they need to work on- it's a documentary film makers dream.

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