Searching for a Thunderbolt Raid

By Tej Babra Manufactures are starting to release more selections for Thunderbolt equipped RAIDS. Many of these raids have different configurations in capacity, size, and speed. Choosing a Thunderbolt RAID can be a little difficult, as different manufactures have different features. In addition to this, Intel announced Thunderbolt 2 which can be found within the latest generation of MacPro. This may be something to consider, if you were looking to upgrade to latest MacPro. Which one is the right choice for your workflow? Is Thunderbolt even necessary cost with USB 3.0 being much faster than FW800 or E- Stata ? Well, here are a few options available now. Which one would you choose going forward. Promise Pegasus 2 R4 Diskless The Promise Pegasus RAIDS were the first ones out the door when Thunderbolt 1 was announced. Once again they are leading the charge with a Thunderbolt 2 enabled raid. This diskless system allows you to pull out your own drives from your older generation MacPro and slip them into this enclosure. This makes perfect sense for people upgrading to the latest MacPro. The raid also supports RAID Configurations 0, 1, 5, 6 , 10 and is backwards compatible with Thunderbolt 1. G-Tech G-Drive Pro G-Tech have several configurations right up to 16TB for Thunderbolt raid support. However the G-Drive Pro is the one that sticks out. It provides you with up to 4TB with a transfer rate of 480 MB/s . It’s smaller case allows it to be more portable and it supports windows and Macs. Pricing is yet to be announced. read more...
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