Second City Switches to Adobe Premiere Pro from Final Cut Pro

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For more than 50 years, The Second City has been delighting audiences with irreverent sketch comedy and improv performances. Today, the company is extending its off-the-cuff hilarity to new audiences through its corporate services arm, Second City Communications.

Greg Mulvey, lead editor and motion graphics designer, came to Second City Communications with knowledge of both Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro software. While the studio primarily used Final Cut Pro, Mulvey would often move projects into Adobe Premiere Pro, especially if they required heavy green screen editing in Adobe After Effects.

“When it came time for Second City Communications to upgrade its NLE, we looked at the available solutions and quickly realized that Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium, particularly Adobe Premiere Pro, could meet all of our video production needs with a fast, integrated workflow,” says Mulvey.

A unique approach
Second City Communications is a full-service video production agency. In addition to handling video responsibilities for the theater troupe, the company works with brand-name clients that include national insurance underwriters, pro sports leagues, and technology leaders to produce high-quality, engaging, and entertaining short-form videos. read more...

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