SecureData White Paper: Gamers Need Protection From Cybercriminals

Video games has changed a lot since the 70's. The coin-operated machine games that were in arcades and supermarkets turned into home consoles that you can access from your bedroom. This change rapidly grew in the 20th centruy and opened the door to secturiy issues. 

People are constanlly putting their payment information and other personal information into their gaming accounts. While consoles aren't as likely attacked as computers, it's still a targeted area for theives. Secure Data's artile written by Robert Liles explains how security is needed in the gamer word. Liles says "Serious gamers know they often need supplementary products for their games, including external drives, and to maximize their experience with a game they may purchase add-ons. These purchases are forecast to make the industry worth more than $200 billion by 2023."

Secure Data's storage devices are the perfect solution to protect your data. The SecureDrive KP is a great choice for gamers. SecureDrive KP protects your valuable files. Packing AES 256-bit XTS hardware encryption, this portable drive locks your files while stopping any loss in data read/write speeds common with software-based data encryption.

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