Serious Magic Holiday Rebates!! Mail in rebates on Ultra2, DV Rack & Visual Communicator!

Ultra2$75 MAIL-IN REBATE on Serious Magic Ultra2! Bonus FREE Ultimate Ultra Training DVD Ultra 2 is a fantastic program for doing chromakeying (more commonly known as the weatherman effect). Chromakeying let’s you take video of your talent, then super-impose them into another video. With Ultra2 you can get incredible quality keying without needing elaborate lighting or expensive backgrounds. Ultra2 analyzes the background image for defects, shadows and other problems that ensure that your superimposed footage looks spectacular and seamless on the new footage! Ultra is also a virtual set tool. That’s right, we offer 3 different libraries of virtual sets that you can place your talent into! These virtual sets go beyond typical static shots and include breathtaking flying camera shots, moving stages, boom and dolly moves. Sets include multiple B-source options and camera angles in tight, medium and wide views. The Master Sets Library Suite is a collection of virtual sets designed exclusively for ULTRA, Serious Magic's keying software. The collection combines Master Sets Libraries 1, 2 and 3 into one convenient package at a cost-effective price point. We offer fantastic bundle savings when you purchase Ultra2 and Master Set libraries together!! Learn More about Serious Magic Ultra 2 and Master Set Libraries DV RackSerious Magic DVRack $75 Mail-In Rebate DV Rack is like having a truckload full or production gear on your laptop! Serious Magic DVRack is 10 native DV video components including a field monitor, DVR, vectorscope, waveform monitor, audio spectrum analyzer, video analyzer, digital still frame grabber, shot timer, camera setup module & an automated quality monitoring tool. When you’re on a shoot and time is money, you need to be 100% sure you get the shots you need – and that they look and sound PERFECT! Ruined footage. Unusable shots. Disaster strikes even the most skilled video producers. From bad levels, dropouts and audio pops to continuity and framing problems, these real nightmares cost you real money, wasted hours, and worse, lost clients. HDV RackHDV PowerPak for DV Rack. This solution allows videographers who own HDV cameras to capture, display and analyze high-resolution HDV content seamlessly into DV Rack. Learn More about DV Rack & HDV PowerPak Vis CommGet up to $125 Back by mail on Visual Communicator 2 Visual Communicator makes it easy for both the amateur and professional to create video training productions, newscasts, video presentations and more without the need to learn video editing software. In fact, it's as simple as making a PowerPoint presentation. Visual Communicator 2 is based on a video production process that eliminates traditional editing timelines to allow for dramatically faster video creation. Visual Communicator 2 will help you create polished video presentations in minutes instead of hours. With a built-in teleprompter, 3D video effects, chromakeying and the option to broadcast live, Visual Communicator replaces the need to spend thousands of dollars on specialized equipment. Click here to download coupons and learn more about these great Serious Magic products!

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