Seven Reasons we Love Using the LiveU Solo

The LiveU Solo is a great, portable video encoder that utilizes WiFi, Ethernet and Cellular Bonding to help you bring your stream live, from anywhere.  We recently took a look at the seven reasons we love the LiveU Solo.  

Check out our video, below

1. Start streaming within seconds: With the LiveU Solo, going live is as easy as plugging in your camera via HDMI or SDI, and pressing the "go live" button on the unit. 

2. Keep more viewers engages with a reliable, high-quality stream: The LiveU Solo will keep your stream from dropping, and avoid choppiness.  This means that you can bring in a high quality video whether you are in a studio, or out on the field. 

3. Send a high-quality stream from remote locations or in congested network environments such as heavy crowds.  From a concert or sporting event, to an intimate gathering, the LiveU Solo is equipped for every workflow, and will keep your stream active and reliable.  

4. Get out of the studio or away from your computer, or game system and stream in HD from anywhere. 

5. Deliver HDI live videos to all popular online platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube and Twitch. Using LiveU Solos portal, select the destination of your choice and you are ready to go!

6. Stream like a pro for an affordable price.  The LiveU Solo HDMI starts at $999. 

7. Add the LiveU SoloConnect Modems for cellular bonding, that is easy to set up. 

Learn more about LiveU Here.

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