Seven Years later for FCP X, Zero to Hero?
Take a journey through the ups and downs of Apple's NLE video editing software, FCP X. This writer argues that it's as good as any pro video editing software out there, if not better! Find out why in the full article. From ....Despite its incredibly rocky beginnings, FCP X has evolved to the point where it is now arguably just as good, if not better than other competing NLE systems. You may love or loathe FCP X and perhaps you are still wishing you were editing on Final Cut Pro 7, but the program has come a long way from being the butt of late-night TV jokes. Apple has stuck to their guns with FCP X and appeased the angry mob (even though it took some time). In 2018 the villagers have put down their torches and returned to their homes, no longer wanting to burn down Cupertino. It’s hard for me to imagine what would have happened if Apple had of caved in to public pressure and dumped FCP X altogether. Who knows, maybe if they had we may not even have any iteration of Final Cut Pro today. Has FCP X gone from zero to hero? I don’t know about hero, but it’s certainly no longer that kid nobody wants to pick when you are choosing teams....READ MORE
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