Shocking Discovery with FCPX “No complex timelines”

HD Warrior by Philip Johnston

Complex is the key word…FCPX does not handle complex timelines, in other words if like me you edit a 53m program on a single timeline with greenscreen, graphics and plugins it’s only time before you will eventually break the final straw on the camels back, rendering your project less than useless.

It all kicked off a few nights ago when I went to edit a tutorial about LED lighting, I clicked on FCPX (v 10.0.8) opened up to be confronted by the spinning beach ball of death.

I used an app called “Preference Manager” to trash FCPX’s preferances with no joy then had a brain wave to use a further app called “Event Manager” to hide the two timelines that were causing me the problems…now I have to stop you here and stress that without this app I personally would have been up the creek without a paddle.

Don’t take my word for it here is an entry from Digital Rebellions CEO Jon Chappell…

Jon Chappell (Digital Rebellion) “Some of you may have experienced the beachball of death when FCPX tries to load a project and eventually resorted to force-quitting the app. read more...

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