Shot on RED: The Irishman

One of the biggest films of 2019 was Martin Scorcese's The Irishman. With the power of RED, Scorcese produced a mafia epic, with a unique style and look.

The RED Helium Sensor was the tool of choice on the Irishman Production. The staff of VFX and visual producers on the film were major fans of the camera.

“We tried hard to tell the story from Sheeran’s perspective and to give the audience a feeling of their own memories and lives. Having read the script and the book, it felt to me that representing the passage of time would be more appropriate for the texture of motion picture film negative. Scorsese referenced the patina of home movies, but he specifically didn’t want it to look like Super 8 or 16mm, so that started the whole process of researching how to achieve a feeling of memory.”

Rodrigo Priesto, VFX Supervisor, The Irishman

Check out the full article from RED to learn more.

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