Should I Produce Videos for My Small Business?

On Today's Videoguys Live, Gary discusses corporate video and how you can bring your videos and marketing in-house to both lower costs and increase value.

Watch the full video below:

On Today's Show:
-How can video help your small business grow?​
-How can you get started producing your own videos?​
-What kind of videos can you produce?

Video for Internal Communications:
-Sales training​
-Corporate Communications​
-Investor Relations​
-Improved conferencing

Video for External Communications:
-Product videos​
-Live webinars​
-Publicity & Community Events​
-Social Media​
-Branding & Corporate Identity

Build Your Own Studio:
-Use your existing open office space​
-Create a budget - $10k, $25k, $100k...​
-Find the scope that meets your needs!​
-Make 6, 10 ,12 or more videos per year​
-Get complete control of your videos
-Corporate video outsourced $20-25K per video​: 4 videos per year = $100K!!

Small Office Studio:
-Live set with 3 point lighting​
-Small production workstation​
-2 – 3 camera setup​
-Consider PTZ cameras for flexibility

Larger Studio Space:
-Green screen with virtual sets​
-Dedicated product sets​
-Additional cameras & room for guests​

Live Set Pros

Live Set Cons

Staged to include branding

Requires proper lighting

Lighting can be more creative

Props need to be rotated out

Host can walk around

Videos will look very similar


Virtual Set Pros

Virtual Set Cons

Easy to set up – just paint

Green spill on products can be dirty

Can constantly change background

Can't wear green or show any green products

Most encoders having keying abilities

Host should stand still


Choosing the Production System That's Right for you Business
-Ease of use or requires training​
-IT resources available/ needed​
-Confidence monitor for talent​
-Multi-screen monitor workstation for production crew​
-System noise, cooling, work space​
-Camera control

Choosing the Right Camera
-Camcorder vs. PTZ Camera​
-Color matching for multiple camera setups​
-Camera control capability​
-Zoom and FOV for the room​
-Remote cameras contributing into the production​
-Product cameras & others

Better Audio = Better Video
-Bad audio will ruin you video and cause you to lose viewers!​
-Mic each individual speaker for the best audio quality​
-Inexpensive wireless mic systems allow presenter freedom to move​
-Use an inexpensive USB audio mixer

Conferences Videos:
-Production quality to your Video Conference meeting​
-Use the video conferencing platforms your team knows to bring guests into any video presentation, live webinar, social media & more​

Live Webinars:
-Live video is more authentic​
-Increase your brands value by streaming live as an expert​
-Keep a consistent schedule​ lets viewers anticipate your ​next stream​
-Bring in other leaders in your industry to combine your audiences​

Social Marketing:
-Create short video clips on your products or services​
-Repurpose everything!​
-Promote your videos on Social by making clips to promote them​
-Capitalize on trending topics​
-Grow your audience​
-Use humor, giveaways, incentives & more to turn your audience into customers

-Unboxing Videos & Product​
-Spotlights for eCommerce​
-Show new products & technology​ in use​
-Limited time offers and promotions​
-Create solution bundles of complimentary products

Support from Local AV Integrators for more Advanced Setups:
A lot of the same integrators that built conference systems are now doing production systems​

Vertical Video
-Seize the biggest trends in video marketing
-Perfect for Instagram, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and more
-75% of content consumed is vertical

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