Should You Move from Apple Mac to PCs?

The following expert is from a lengthy article that goes over compelling reasons for Mac users to move to a PC and explores the ins and outs of moving and versus staying. If you are on the fence about your own video editing workstation needs, this is definitely worth a read! Click through to read the whole article. You might also find our article on NLE Video Storage a useful guide to in factoring in a RAID for your editing / project needs. From

....There’s a cliched but still largely valid reason for Mac users to move to Windows: expandability. It’s cliched because it’s not as important as it used to be, and yet you'd think it was. Most video transfer is by file now and you don’t need plug-in capture cards just to edit video. When you do need to capture, it’s easily and conveniently achievable with Thunderbolt devices. Even, to some extent, GPUs have been externalised, although you can’t achieve the very highest levels of performance yet without an internal device. Given a faster external interface, it can happen.

But if you want to customise your computer; if you want to stuff it with the latest and most cutting edge devices, then there’s no current alternative to a PC.There hasn't been since the last “cheesegrater” Mac Pros were on sale.

Apple has made what I would call “gestures” towards the pro community since thn. The 2013 Mac Pro was a triumph of design if not practicality. It showcased some genuinely original thinking, was well specced for the time, was compact and quiet, and was utterly unable to be expanded internally in any way. Not even the graphics cards were interchangeable.

But it did feature Thunderbolt 2, which meant that you could hook up some pretty fast peripherals, and two 4K monitors, which was good for the time. But that was five years ago. It’s hardly fair to describe it as a fossil now, but things have moved on somewhat and it seems odd that it remains on sale with no significant that I am aware of....READ MORE

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