SimplTrack2 Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera for Worship & Education

SimplTrack2 is a great solution for those looking for a set it and forget it auto tracking solution. This camera fits at home in a house of worship, corporate board room, lecture hall, classroom or any setting where a speaker might be giving a presentation.

The team at HuddleCamHD recently created a great video showcasing how the HuddleCam SimplTrack2 is a great device to cover a house of worship service.

Check out their case study, below:

"In this video, you can see how Shiloh Ministries in Mercer, Pennsylvania has set up and optimized the SimplTrack2 auto tracking camera inside of their House of Worship. The SimplTrack2 is an auto-tracking camera that is ideal for large spaces because it features a 20X optical zoom with the ability to automatically track a subject on stage. This allows you to mount the SimplTrack2 up to 55 feet away from the stage and still capture close up views of your pastor during services.
When you are setting up a SimplTrack2 you have a couple video options to consider. First of all you can connect the camera directly to any computer using a USB 3.0 port. This is ideal for Zoom meetings where your Pastor wants to stay connected with an online audience. You can also use the USB connection for simple streams using a software like OBS for example, to live stream a sermon to Facebook. The SimplTrack2 also features an SDI connection which is better for long cable runs back to a video production area. SDI cables generally require a SDI to USB capture card or hardware video switcher to use with a live streaming software like OBS, Wirecast or vMix so that you can connect to Facebook Live, YouTube or Zoom. The camera also features a DVI/HDMI video output of the camera that can be used with HDMI based video switchers. Many churches like to use the HDMI output with a confidence monitor so that the pastor can see where the camera is at all times. The DVI output can easily be converted to HDMI and used with hardware video production systems like the ATEM which include a USB output that you can connect to your computer for live streaming and video recording."



Learn more about HuddleCamHD HERE.

Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

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