SlingStudio has become a tool of choice in remote production workflows, as more and more organizations turn to live streaming during social distancing.

NBC's recently covered one of the houses of worship relying on SlingStudio, PTZ Cameras and more, for their live production workflow.  While service can't take place in person, streaming has allowed for continuation of all worship services.  

Pastor Mark Morton, of Granite Hills Baptist Church in Reno has been so pleased with the workflow his church has created, that he feels in person service will never be the same.  In other words, streaming is here to stay.  

"We haven't been virtual but we have lately. We got a new studio and I went from being a Pastor to a Televangelist. We have SlingStudio, and we're building a new sound booth because I believe we'll be virtual for the rest of the history of the Granite Hills Baptist Church."

-Pastor Morton 

Check out the full article, and a video covering the workflow, HERE.

Learn more about SlingStudio HERE.


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