SlingStudio Bundle with LiveU Solo HDMI Videoguys NewsDay 2sDay Live Webinar

This Videoguys NewsDay 2sDay live webinar is on the new SlingStudio bundles with the LiveU Solo HDMI Premium Video Encoder. We've been testing out the SlingStudio's capabilities and were already impressed. Now offered in this bundle with the LiveU Solo HDMI the SlingStudio now has the live streaming power to enhance any production. This bundle allows you to take the HDMI output directly from SlingStudio Hub to a bonded Cellular network allowing you to stream live productions from anywhere. Add LTR Cloud server service to enable reliable, low delay live video streaming over non- guaranteed IP networks and ensures reliable transport over the most unreliable of network. Hurry – this bundle is only available through May 26, 2018!

Click here to watch on YouTube.

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