SlingStudio Comprehensive Review: Wireless multi-camera streaming and recording device

SlingStudio is a multi-camera system that brings in HD video wirelessly. This could be a great solution for school sports looking to add more cameras to live productions! With SlingStudio's video-grade wireless technology, you can connect a combination of up to 10 smartphones, professional cameras, and camcorders. SlingStudio’s robust wireless technology operates with minimal interference at distances up to 300 feet – without cables – greatly reducing your setup time. From Lon.TV - watch on YouTube VIDEO INDEX: 00:39 - Hardware overview 02:18 - Ports and connectors 02:21 - USB-C port 02:55 - HDMI input and supported framerates 03:34 - Cameralink adapter for HDMI camcorders 04:45 - Cameralink battery life 05:22 - 1080p 60fps requires Cameralink box 05:34 - HDMI output 05:59 - Line input 06:45 - Optional battery pack for Slingstudio 07:14 - How it connects and works with the Internet 07:47 - SD Card 07:59 - ISO recording of each input source 09:49 - Ipad control app 10:22 - Conducting SD Card speed test 10:52 - Setting up live broadcasting 11:27 - Upload speed test and setting streaming bit rate 12:26 - Camera check for WiFi signal strength 14:04 - Adding a wireless camera 14:30 - Camera app controls 15:01 - Live switching video sources 15:28 - 1 second or so buffer 16:08 - Picture in Picture (PIP) 18:11 - Titling with templates or your own PNG files 19:53 - Audio mixer 21:13 - Wireless and battery health monitoring 22:15 - Initiating recording and live streaming 23:01 - Image quality from recording 24:13 - What Slingstudio records to the SD Card / Disk 26:57 - Conclusion and my overall opinion Compatibility list: All in I think this is a really decent system. It will quickly drain the battery of connected devices so I suggest having many USB battery packs nearby to keep everything running when running remotely. I would like to see some controls for adjusting audio sync as some HDMI devices might throw a delay into the mix if you're bringing in line audio.

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