SlingStudio for Wedding Videography, First Impressions

SlingStudio is one of the most popular live streaming production systems on the market today. It’s portable, wireless, and flexible for most productions.

One common use for the SlingStudio is wedding videography. Check out this video from wedding videographer, Travis Heberling, on first impressions of the system.

Are you live streaming events yet? I tried out the SlingStudio Console and really enjoyed my time testing it out.
This is a basic first impression/review for Sling Studio. What is the Sling Studio? It’s a multi-camera production studio that turns your existing cameras wireless and makes your phones into cameras with the ability to control everything from an iPad as a switcher. It is extremely portable and very user friendly.

Travis Herberling

Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about SlingStudio HERE.

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