SlingStudio: Increased Demand Due to Covid-19

SlingStudio is a great device to get started in streaming, and creating a fantastic looking live stream. For educators, governments, corporations and more- social distancing means an increase in live streaming from people who have never dipped their toes in the pool before. And SlingStudio makes this an easier task.

Therefore, the product has been highly in demand. SlingStudio posted a great article on their blog in response to this increased demand. Check out the finer points of that article below.

Most Common Questions about SlingStudio

Why Sling Studio?

You can stream or record your event using a smartphone, but SlingStudio gives you the ability to easily add additional camera angles, compose lower-thirds on the fly, import graphics, integrate audio mixers and microphones, and much more. Most importantly, SlingStudio is affordable, very easy to use, and quick to deploy.


What are the Features and Benefits of SlingStudio?

The SlingStudio article also highlighted some useful features of the product that make it an easy to use and cutting edge piece of equiptment.

Important features include:

  1. Affordable: Get started streaming with the SlingStudio production hub priced at $999 MSRP.
  2. Easy to Use: Camera inputs can be bought in easily with the SlingStudio cam links, or wirelessly through your smart phone. Connection is seemless and only takes seconds. Control is very straight forward and can be done via IPad or MacBook.
  3. Multi-Camera: The SlingStudio production system allows users to bring in up to ten inputs at once, and mix them into split screens, picture and picture, and more.
  4. Works with Your Existing Gear: The SlingStudio works with practically any HDMI camera, including DSLR cams.
  5. Portable and Versatile: The entire production system can be packed and carried in a backpack, so all of your gear can come and go with you to and from your shoot- easily.
  6. Wireless: Sling allows multiple wireless video sources, and can be powered via battery for up to two hours, making it completely portable and wireless.
  7. One Time Purchase: The hardware is a one time purchase with no subscription fees. All apps used to control and produce are free.
  8. Non-Proprietary: The SlingStudio closely resembeles many traditional video mixers/switchers. The HDMI ports are non-proprietary, and it creates MP4 H.264 video files.
  9. Reach your audience on multiple platforms: SlingStudio allows users to stream directly to Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo in just a few commands. It also allows for custom RTMP destinations, and streaming to multiple platforms.

What are Important Things to Know?

  1. Operating the SlingStudio requires a MacBook, or an iPad to run the SlingStudio console app. The system does not support windows. However, both Android phones and iPhones can be used as camera sources.
  2. SlingStudio can operate via battery power for up to two hours, and longer productions can power the system with a traditional plug.
  3. Users must be sure they have the correct HDMI cables for their productions, including standard, micro and mini HDMI's.
  4. SlingStudio is only for sale in the US and Canada.

What are some popular case studies involving SlingStudio?

  1. Churches: SlingStudio is used in hundreds of churches nation wide.

2. Public affairs and corporate communications: Sling is a very popular tool for corporate communications- in press conferences, legal depositions and more.

3. Schools and Remote Learning: Schools and institutions will find SlingStudio to be a very useful tool as they move closer to remote learning.

With schools and institutions scrambling for remote learning solutions, SlingStudio uniquely stands out as the most affordable, portable and versatile solution that can be used all around campus, from the classroom to the auditorium.


4. Community Outreach: With community outreach and remote communication becoming a more and more valuable tool, SlingStudio is a powerful system.

As people are asked to stay home for extended periods of time, it becomes all the more important to feel connected to one’s community. Use SlingStudio to broadcast band performances from local venues, show behind-the-scenes operations of local businesses, help promote fundraisers, interview local officials, etc.


5. Two Way Conferencing using SlingStudio: Sling was designed as a one way streaming device, but it can also be used for two-way teleconferencing with Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, ETC.

Where can I get SlingStudio?

Other Useful Links and Resources

SlingStudio Production System Diagram

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