SlingStudio Multi-Camera Bundle with LaCie Rugged USB-C 1TB Drive Videoguys Product Spotlight

We here at Videoguys put together a live streaming production bundle with SlingStudio and the LaCie Rugged USB-C 1TB Portable Hard Drive at an exclusive price for just $1,799.00! These product together save you nearly $50 and give you the best compatibility with these products. SlingStudio is an affordable live production system with the capability to expand with multiple cameras. Now bundled with this LaCie Rugged USB-C 1TB Portable Hard Drive, you'll be able to expand your production further by bringing in additional graphics images and even videos to enhance your broadcast. And with 1TB worth of storage you'll have enough room to backup and save your entire show and all of it's camera sources as well. This special Videoguys Product Spotlight video outlines what makes this bundle the best start for anyone looking to get into live video streaming. Better hurry cause this limited time offer is good now through October 20th, 2018!

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

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