SlingStudio Tip: 6 Easy Ways to Use Custom Graphics and Video Clips to Elevate Your Productions

SlingStudio is an all in one portable live production system. It is perfect for streaming everything from a sporting event to a Sunday Sermon.

SlingStudio recently posted a great article outlining six easy tips to elevate your production using live graphics built into the SlingStudio system. We're going to give you a quick rundown on these tips.

1) Create and Import for Easy Access

TO create your graphic, make a custom JPEG/PNG photo file or an MOV video file. Import these graphics to your sling studio using the SD Card slot in the hub, or via the USB storage drive.

2) Always Ready and Available

After creating all the necessary graphics, they will always be ready and available. You can store clips and graphics and clips directly into slings internal storage. This means these graphics can be used and reused for any project.

3) P.C. as a Video Source

The SlingStudio interface allows users to connect up to ten video sources. Up to four of them can be active at any time. One of the simplest ways to add video clips to your production, is using a separate PC or computer device for playback.

4) SlingStudio Saves Time

One of the most convenient elements featured in SlingStudio is its memory for your graphic placement. This means your lower thirds, virtual scoreboards or any other graphic will stay in the custom spot you place it from production to production.

5) Unlimited Video Clips Effect

Users can manually queue up to two prerecorded videos at a time. This means that videos will play automatically once the previous video is over. This is ideal for sporting or theatrical events with intermissions or halftimes.

6) Go Pro on School or Local Sports

SlingStudio also allows you to pull in a scoreboard feed for your live sporting event. Users can also apply graphics to their scoreboard quickly, and easily.

Instructional Video

The article from SlingStudio also included a video walking users through importing graphics to their production hub. Check it out below!

For more information check out the full article HERE

Check out the video on YouTube HERE

Learn more about SlingStudio HERE

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