SmallHD is back!
Below is an article about Small HD's recent warehouse fire that caused millions of dollars in damage to their inventory and delayed many of their shipments including their new focus monitor lineup that they announced at NAB in April. Luckily they have started to recover and have even started to ship out products. If you are interested in hearing an update from Small HD check out the article below.


Running a manufacturing business is not an easy task; not that I can speak from experience, but nevertheless I can imagine some of the hurdles and hoops especially smaller businesses go through. SmallHD recently posted a video, in which CEO and Co-Founder Wes Phillips gave assurance his company is bouncing back from a major setback – a large warehouse fire,NAB 2017 SmallHD Focus which occurred at the end of April right after NAB where Small announced a new Focus monitor lineup. The fire caused millions of dollars damage to their inventory and delayed shipments for many customers.

SmallHD may be bigger than when they started, and even though they were acquired by the Vitec Group, a large UK company that also owns many brands you know such as Manfrotto, Teradek, Vinten, Sachtler, O’Connor and even Joby tripods, at their heart they still are a family-ran business in North more

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