SmallHD released version 1.0 of its firmware for Production Monitors

SmallHD production monitor owners of series 1700, 2400, and 3200, this article offers 3 videos covering the latest firmware updates. Click through to get all of the details.

SmallHD New Firmware for Production Monitors

From Provideocoalition Bugs fixed, improvements to existing features and some new features are included in the firmware version 1.0 from SmallHD for their Production Monitors. Check the videos to find out more and continue to explore the firmware on SmallHD’s website. The videos published by SmallHD show Wes and Dale (aka “bearded Vanna White”) outline all the updates that come with firmware 1.0. A lot of things change with this new software. The features added are an Enhanced Input Menu, HDR Preview Setting (HDR Models Only), New “Appearance” menu, Added Backlight Settings, USB Support Added, Crop Tool Added, Image Flip Added, Multi View Page Enhancement, Enhanced Focus Tools, while the Image Scale tool name has changed to Image Location...[continue reading]

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