Sneak Peek: Adobe Mercury Playback Engine

DAV's TechTable by Dave Helmly

We’ve decided to give you guys a Sneak Peek of our new Mercury Playback Engine, which will be featured in a future release of Premiere Pro. This new “Engine” is a total gamer changer for NLE users allowing an “off the shelf” nvidia graphics card to handle the heavy requirements of today’s HD workflows.

The Adobe Mercury technology also allows users to get more power from their CPUs. By using GPU and CPU in parallel, you get unbelievable performance running in a clean 64 bit operating system (remember, all future versions of Premiere are 64 bit only OSX 10.6 or Win7 64). By running in parallel, the CPU can take over tasks where the GPU isn’t used.

What can expect to see?

In the video you’ll see incredible AVCHD playback and scrubbing, working with DSLR cameras like the Canon 5D & 7D, 9 Layers of P2, Native Red 4K Multicam editing and RED keying and lastly, you see accelerated rendering for exports.

What does it take to make it work?

Currently, all you need is a Windows or OSX system that supports any of these cards: Geforce GTX285, nVidia Quadro CX,FX4800, or FX5800. We plan to add support for newer nVidia cards as they get released. You can now design a system based on your editing needs - more CPU Cores or a more powerful GPU card like the FX5800. Because we have ability to run these processes together the performance is truly remarkable. read more and watch the video

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